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Baby Monitor Review: Lollipop Smart Baby Camera

Nowadays there are SO many options when it comes to "must-haves" for you and your baby - it can easily become an overwhelming process. These items are typically a pretty penny and of course you want to make the right decision. One item you'll want on your registry is a baby monitor. A good baby monitor will bring you comfort when putting your little one down for a nap or for the night, by being able to check on baby from afar or even be notified if baby wakes up. So for today, we are going to dive into my new favorite baby monitor, the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera.

Let's start by walking through unboxing to install. The Lollipop arrives in simple, sleek packaging and I was pleasantly surprised by all the accessories included. You receive the camera and cable set of course, as well as a smart sensor, wall mount, and crib attachment. I love that you have the ability to install your camera either directly on the crib, on the wall above the crib, or even simply stand it up on a dresser facing the crib. Nova is a little over two years old now, but we plan on keeping her in the crib as long as possible with a newborn shortly on the way. There was no way a monitor would last near her crib, so we set it up on her dresser and it's been working perfectly. When the day comes that we transition her from the crib to a toddler bed, I'm glad we have a clear camera to keep an eye on her. When baby boy gets here, my plan is to get another Lollipop to mount on the wall above his bassinet and later attach it directly to his crib. Like I said before, the package includes all the accessories for installing your camera wherever you desire. I love how easy and all-inclusive it is!

When setting up the camera, I had no issues. I downloaded the "Lollipop - smart baby monitor" app on my phone and plugged in the camera. The app is very straightforward and user friendly which made the installation process extremely smooth. Through the app, you'll have the ability to monitor multiple cameras, put the camera in night vision mode, use the voice over feature, play music or sounds for baby, and even track a timeline with screenshots of baby's events.

Below is an example of the live feed and also a screenshot of Nova's timeline from the app. As you can see on the timeline, she was not going down for her nap earlier today. I love this feature of the timeline because you can check back on how baby slept or let's say baby climbed out of the crib. You could easily look back and see how she or he managed to do that!

My two favorite features of the camera are the high-resolution video stream and the fact that my phone is the monitor! We had a very basic camera & monitor set prior to upgrading to the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera and I truly didn't know what I was missing out on. Even while the camera is set on Nova's dresser, I can see exactly what she is doing inside the crib because the quality of the video is so clear. I also love that my phone AND my husband's phone is the monitor because we can check on her any time and anywhere! I always have my phone on me, so I can conveniently check on her or receive a notification when she wakes up. From work, my husband can even check in when Nova is supposed to be napping and talk to her through the app + camera.

This baby camera seems to be perfect for newborns, AND it will grow with your baby into the toddler years. I would highly recommend the Lollipop Smart Baby Camera because it is an investment that is so versatile and adaptable as your baby grows!



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