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Food is Fuel: Fab Four Smoothie

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Not long ago I was on the hunt to be skinny, always looking for a quick fix and googling how to lose 10 lbs in a week. Professional yo-yo dieter. My athlete mindset would defer to on-season and off-season. I'd go a period eating salads, aggressively restricting calories, and killing myself in the gym for an upcoming event. Once the event passed, I would indulge on allllll the sugar, carbs, and processed foods. It doesn’t take an expert to realize this wasn’t the healthiest option for longevity. Fast forward to today- my goal is to FEEL GOOD all day, every day! Now I put my energy towards what I want to gain as opposed to what I want to lose. Let me tell you, that intention alone has been pivotal.

Feeling your best requires setting yourself up for success with your first meal of the day. My go-to breakfast has always been a smoothie because it’s delicious, duh! But seriously, it’s also easy to make and perfect for when you're on the go. As you know, I’m all about efficiency! I used to make my smoothies by throwing anything I thought was healthy in a blender, typically a lot of fruit, a little spinach, and some protein powder. Not a bad start, but I’ve learned there’s an art to making a nutritious smoothie. This smoothie is known as the Fab Four Smoothie. It's not my concept, but I am so happy to share it with my friends! It’s one of those ideas that just makes sense, backed by science and extremely practical!

Fab Four Smoothie

The Fab Four philosophy was developed by Kelly LeVeque, a holistic nutritionist and wellness expert. The Fab Four focuses on protein, fat, fiber, and greens. According to Fab Four 101, “protein helps you build and maintain muscle. Fat keeps your cells and hormones healthy and functioning properly. Fiber feeds your gut bacteria, which in turn keeps your gut working as it should. Greens provide you with necessary vitamins and antioxidants important for fighting inflammation and infections.” The combination of these four groups provide a filling, well-balanced treat. My favorite recipe is almond milk, protein powder, collagen, almond butter, chia seeds, and spinach. If you're interested in more recipes, there are plenty on Kelly’s site.

Lifestyle Application

By implementing the Fab Four Smoothie in my daily routine, I'm full longer and not snacking as much. For me, it’s easier to commit to three nutrient dense meals a day rather than snacking every few hours. This is because I've noticed I consume more processed foods when I snack and my goal is to eat real, whole foods as regularly as possible. When I start my day with this smoothie, I feel satisfied for up to 4-5 hours. That’s huge with kids or a jam-packed schedule! I also feel energized and balanced, which lends to making better nutritious decisions throughout the day.

The best part is that the Fab Four is not limited to smoothies or simply just breakfast. Ever since I discovered this gem, I've been applying this philosophy to every meal I have because it’s simple and easy. I use the Fab Four as a guideline for balance. Mentally, I check off that I’ve included protein, fat, fiber and greens. It's motivating because I know I'll feel good after eating a meal like this and I won’t be overstuffed or scavenging for food in a couple hours.

With all that being said, each person’s health journey is unique. Specific dietary needs, past experiences, and habits shape your mindset towards food. Some of my past habits have created a solid foundation for me while others are definitely a work in progress. Food is fuel, if you use it wisely. I challenge you to do what’s best for you. Reflect on your personal relationship with food and grow from there. Educate yourself and learn what works for you and your body!

Hope you learned something new or this post reinforced what you already know! Let me know what you think if you try a Fab Four Smoothie!



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