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Hospital Bag

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So, what should you really pack in your hospital bag?! Ultimately, that’s up to you! But I will extend a little insight into what I pack since this is my third time around. Everyone’s priorities are different when going into labor & delivery. I’d like to think I’m practical, but I’m also pretty extra in a lot of ways. It’s all about balance, right? My practical side is that I don’t bring any diapers, wipes, nipple cream or any postpartum essentials because the hospital provides all of that. I'm not particular when it comes to those items, so I don’t pack them.

Now, what is important to me is bringing things that make me feel as good as possible during the process of giving birth as well as immediately after. I like bringing my own delivery gown. I like bringing special beanies and swaddles for my newborn. I like putting on a fancy robe and slippers after giving birth. These are the types of things that make me happy so I prioritize them. Because let’s be honest, giving birth is never an easy process. It’s hard. It’s painful. It’s unglamorous, in so many ways. As you pack your hospital bag, keep in mind those little things that bring you joy and peace. There’s very little that you can control during labor and delivery, but you can control what you pack!

What’s in my hospital bag?

We’ll start with baby – I prefer to bring all of baby’s blankets, swaddles, and even beanies for a couple of reasons. One of those is because I’m particular about what he or she wearing and the second reason is because all these items come directly from our home so baby is comforted by our scent immediately. I typically don’t worry about diapers or wipes because the hospital provides all those. The only other things I bring that are not pictured are a few long sleeve onesies and footsie pajamas.

For mama, aka myself, I feel like I'm even more extra. But as I said before, I like packing things that make me feel as good as possible because labor & delivery is going to bring ALLLLL the discomfort. A few standard items that I normally already own are sandals for the shower, basic toiletries, makeup, and dry shampoo. Make sure you have a good chapstick and hair ties! I also always bring my own blanket and pillow! The most important item I’ll highlight is a comfortable nursing bra. I like the sleeping style because it feels like you’re not wearing a bra, but you also feel secure as your milk is coming in! Another tip is to pack something extremely comfortable to go home in. You'll be practically leaving in a diaper, so keep that in mind... I chose this baggy jumpsuit and a cardigan.

When to pack your bag?

I typically pack up my hospital bag around 34-36 weeks, mainly because I'm type A, but also because it makes me feel prepared. After experiencing two totally different types of birth, you truly never know how that process is going to go. I figure control the controllables and for me, that's my hospital bag! Nesting is one of my favorite things to do because it adds excitement and makes it all feel real. So along, with my hospital bag, I typically install the car seat around this time too!

All in all, what you pack in your hospital bag is very personal. What’s important to you? What do you want right away for baby? What can you bring that makes you happy? Think of these questions and get inspiration from others, but just know in reality there’s very little that you’ll actually need.



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