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Hug Me Plus Bassinet Review

I'll start by saying this is THE bassinet you need! To completely understand my conviction, I'll shed some light on my past experiences with co-sleeping and bassinets. This is my third time around with a newborn. We've had a bassinet every time, but this is the FIRST time one of my kids has actually slept in one! I've always had the best intention for us to have our babies sleep in their bassinet, but with waking up so much in the night and nursing or pumping, it was so much easier to co-sleep instead. This time around, it was crucial for me to find a bassinet that would work for us. We already have two dogs that sleep with us and a 3-year old who makes his way into our bed every night. My goal was to setup Levi for success by creating healthy sleeping habits from the start. So, enter the Hug Me Plus Bassinet.

For me, this bassinet has been lifechanging. My favorite feature of the Hug Me Plus is that it adjusts to the height of your bed and opens up perfectly bedside. The bassinet is literally like an extension of your bed! So, when it's 3am and Levi wakes to eat, I don't even need to sit up to grab him. I simply reach over, unzip the side of the bassinet and bring him over to me. This ease is exactly what I needed to actually use a bassinet.

The next best feature is that the Hug Me Plus is on wheels, so I can easily move the bassinet around the room. In the past, I had a bassinet that swung around, but it was SO heavy that I could barely move it a few feet over. The Hug Me Plus is extremely convenient when it comes to usability. It even comes with a travel bag and folds up so simply that you can take it with you while traveling.

Lastly, I love the look! I'm very particular about aesthetics. I like products that are practical but are also neutral and sleek in design. This bassinet is a no brainer when it comes to function AND I love the simple, modern look. I chose the color shadow gray because neutrals are my fave and it complements our master bedroom perfectly.

In a nutshell, I'd highly recommend the Hug Me Plus Bassinet to anyone in the market. It is certainly designed with mom and baby in mind!



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