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Leading a Life of Fulfillment

My ultimate goal in life is FULFILLMENT. Why not happiness you ask? Because happiness is an emotion based on instant gratification. It’s meant to be fleeting. Fulfillment is a feeling of wholeness and a sense of purpose. It’s a long-term game. Happiness is certainly a piece of feeling fulfilled, but I don’t put my focus there because emotions are temporary. If all I wanted was to be happy, I’d feel defeated every time I wasn’t. When I’m attached to fulfillment, my effort is rewarding and empowering, regardless of emotions. I understand that some people use happiness and fulfillment interchangeably and there’s nothing wrong with that because it’s purely semantics. However, language is extremely important so whatever language you use, make sure you reflect on your own definitions. It’s easy to toss fluffy words and catchy phrases around, but the depth of the meaning is more important than simply saying the right thing.

Since fulfillment is the goal, how do we attain it? Surprise! My top 3 tips have a lot to do with intention, mindset, and action. If you are noticing a common theme, you’re right. I’m not claiming to reinvent the wheel here. Just 3 simple tips I’m sure you’ve heard of. So simple that they’re easy to do and just as easy NOT to do.

1. Gratitude

There’s a reason why high achievers ALWAYS talk about gratitude. Whether you make a list of 3 things you’re grateful for in the morning or check yourself with gratitude throughout the day, there is power in channeling this thought. I haven’t mastered writing down my gratitude yet, I’m more of a mental note, mini prayer type of person.

I’d like to emphasize two scenarios where I use gratitude the most. The obvious is when times are good! I love to make a mental list of my blessings when I’m having a peaceful moment with family or when we’re celebrating a milestone, or even when I complete a difficult task. I believe that attaching gratitude elevates the experience and strengthens the moment to become a happy memory in the future.

Another way that gratitude is arguably more effective is when I’m feeling down. If I’m having a rough day, I channel gratitude as a gateway to a more joyful mood. For example, I can become overwhelmed when Henry is away and ALL three kids decide to be challenging. As quickly as I realize I’m frustrated, I shift my focus to gratitude. I remind myself of how grateful I am that because Henry is away, he has earned his Master’s Degree, he is building professional relationships and gaining experience in the PAC-12. I am fortunate to have my family, so I’m not really doing it all by myself. My kids might be difficult today but that means they’re growing, learning and expressing themselves. I’m grateful that they are healthy, safe, and want my affection. Channeling gratitude during tough times helps to ease those rough moments. Sometimes it can flip my mood around and other times gratitude simply makes the tough times more bearable.

Gratitude is a constant practice regardless of how you feel! You can be grateful AND feel sad, mad or frustrated at the same time. Gratitude makes happy emotions feel happier and sad emotions feel more manageable.

2. Self-Confidence

Self-confidence has many definitions these days. Chances are that you know a person who has seemingly, always been confident AND a person who has gained self-confidence as the result of a transformation. The best part is that both persons have the same process.

The best way to describe self-confidence is to refer to my guy, Ed Mylett. Ed Mylett is the definition of a high achiever. He is a global keynote speaker on peak performance and hosts my favorite podcast. In short, Ed Mylett says that in order to build self-confidence, we must keep the promises we make to ourselves and give ourselves credit when we do so. Think of it like building trust in a relationship. When your partner follows through with what he or she said, your trust becomes stronger. Same with your self-confidence. It is earned, not given. If you tell yourself you are going to get up in the morning and go for a run and you actually do it, you feel good, right? Yes, endorphins are real, but so is dopamine. Dopamine is the greatest tool for building self-confidence. It’s the chemical that is released when you complete a task and celebrate little wins. According to Dr. Andrew Huberman, "dopamine is released en route to goals... and you need that dopamine release to replenish motivation."

Self-confidence isn’t about what you can do. It’s more about what you will do. It won’t erase your insecurities, but it will strengthen your empowering beliefs and cause trust within yourself. Self-confidence is a mental shift, a constant practice, and all about the relationship you have with yourself!

3. Alignment

Alignment is the best feeling! It’s that feeling when everything is falling into place the way it’s supposed to. It’s that feeling of peace when your thoughts and actions align with heart’s content. It’s that feeling of flow when you believe you’re unstoppable. We can all recall a time where everything felt just right. Most will refer to these moments as coincidence while others describe these moments as diligence. Personally, I’m the latter.

I believe that alignment occurs when your passion meets intention and hard work. This requires soul searching, The Power of Daydreaming even. What lights your soul on fire? What puts a smile on your face? With just the thought of “it,” what excites you? The answer to those questions are your passions, your gifts from God. These passions are completely unique to you and require no explanation. If you pursue those passions with purpose and persistence, you'll discover an overall sense of fulfillment because you'll actually enjoy the process.

Life is worth enjoying. You are worthy of leading a life of fulfillment, not simply getting by. Stand firm in gratitude, keep the promises you make to yourself, and align your actions with your purpose. If you're looking to make a change, start small. Small habits compounded over time lead to big results!



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