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Life Update + Keeping the Faith

As you know by now, we have moved to Texas! I still can’t believe we drove 27 hours with three toddlers and a dog. Oh, and my mom drove a 16’ Penske truck all the way. Go mom! It took us three days, getting up at 3:00am, lots of screen time, and even more snacks, but it was well WORTH it. This move means so much to us and I’m going to let you in as to why.

To paint the picture a little clearer, in March 2019, Henry moved to Seattle, Washington to pursue a graduate assistant role at the University of Washington with Husky Football. At this time, it was best that I stayed back in Sacramento where I had a ton of family support and a stable job. Not to mention, we were also in the midst of fostering our oldest daughter, which made moving out of state that much more complicated. During our time living apart, I gave birth to our daughter Nova, adjusted to being a mom of 3, got laid off due to COVID, and we finally adopted our daughter, Mynna! AND by the grace of God, Henry was able to come home for every single milestone. If you’re familiar with a football coach’s schedule, that is a miracle.

So by now, you may be thinking we’re crazy… To that, I say yes, we are crazy! We are crazy about our faith and allowing God to work so graciously in our lives. Deciding to live apart was not easy, nor was walking through that season of life, but we prayed hard and always felt an overwhelming sense of peace that this was part of God’s plan for us.

Over the past two years, we continued to pray, hope, dream, and manifest this move- this chapter of being able to live together as a family. I’d daydream about our future house. I’d think about how awesome it would be to have a backyard for our kids to play. I’d hope for the ability for me to stay home with the kids since they are so young. I’d think about Henry coming home from work every night as opposed to once a month. There was always something in me that knew it was coming.

Since January, it’s been a roller coaster of emotions. If you’re a fellow coach’s wife, you know the drill. In the college coaching world, once January hits, it’s time for firing and hiring. So we waited, not passively by any means. Henry was working endlessly to find an opportunity for us. Some days felt longer and harder than others but keeping perspective of the big picture was key and more importantly our faith is what kept us going. Our lease in Sacramento was ending at the end of March and although Henry had a few potential opportunities, nothing was panning out. After each “no,” instead of feeling defeated, we felt clarity. We prayed fiercely that God would close the doors that weren’t meant for us and open the doors that were. It wasn’t until 4 weeks before our lease was up, that Henry got offered the job at Texas. On one hand we felt like we were running out of time, and on the other, we had so much confidence that God was working on something special for us.

So as I mentioned before, this move is pivotal for us. It was a long time coming, yet never promised. A prayer without the work is merely a wish. A prayer with a plan is powerful. We feel beyond grateful that this move has provided us with more than we imagined, but the best part is this is only the beginning for Henry’s coaching career, for our family’s growth, and the impact we will make.

Can't wait to keep ya'll updated!!!


I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you're grateful, you'll see through hard work, perseverance and a faith in God, you can live out your dreams." - Ben Carson




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