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Living the Football Wife Life

Being a coach’s wife, we are a special breed of women. We have a lifestyle only a fellow coach’s wife understands. My mom gave me a hand-me-down shirt that says, Full Time Coach’s Wife, Part Time Normal Life, and I’ve never known a truer statement.

I’m 99% sure I was meant to marry a football coach. Growing up my dad was a high school football coach and being the youngest, I went with my mom everywhere. I saw how she handled game nights or how she would have to do things solo because of my dad’s demanding schedule. I like to pretend I have an advantage because I subconsciously picked up on tips from my mom. Football’s in my blood, ya know?

Many don’t know what it’s like to be a coach’s wife so I thought I’d share. Because you know how all moms have that bond, like “I know exactly how you feel, I’ve been there too.” Well, coach’s wives have that too! It’s like this secret life that we experience, and you don't know unless you're in it. Outsiders see the game days, the wins, maybe a loss, a picture of hubby in his coach’s gear, or quotes that say “I vow to love you through football season.” BUT there is so much more than that. It is a unique lifestyle that involves much more than what meets the eye.

So, here's an inside look into the life of a football coach’s wife.

His schedule is not just practices and games.

It cracks me up when people think we have an off-season. But I get it, I'd probably think the same if I wasn't in it. When season ends, we might have a few weeks off together but then it's back to the grind. It’s not just practices and games. First of all, recruiting never ends. Prep for the next season begins almost immediately- staff meetings, team meetings, position meetings, all the meetings. And then of course coaches can never break down enough film. Even when the hubby is home, he is rarely off. Calls with recruits or existing players on the team, or fellow coaches. If you ever played a competitive or collegiate sport, you’re familiar with the year round schedule. Now multiply that by 3. That’s a coach’s schedule.

July is when every coach gets married.

Maybe not every coach, but seriously 90% of the coach’s wives I know. July is normally the safest month to make real plans because it's the calm before the storm. By storm, I mean Fall Camp and then SEASON. July is typically the biggest chunk of time that coaches get off, so it’s time for family vacations or big celebrations. So it's no surprise that that many football coaches have wedding anniversaries in June or July for that very reason.

We don’t see our husbands from August-December.

Once Fall Camp starts in August, it’s see ya next year! Fall Camp is the time to "get your mind right" for obviously the team, but also families. There's always this transition period of adjusting to nights alone and new routines for the kids. Days can start as early as 5am and end as late as midnight. Believe it or not, it REALLY does happen. Henry and I are doing distance this year and I joke that it’s almost easier this way during football season. Even if we were living together, we’d rarely see him.

Coaching at the collegiate level and above can be inconsistent.

That's the nicest way to say the profession involves lots of firing and hiring. Like any job, you have the risk of being fired. Now imagine being fired for SO many reasons that are out of your control. Bad season? Head coach gets fired? New coordinator comes in? You might not be coming back. This job is not for the faint of heart. You learn very quickly to become comfortable with uncertainty and be open to moving around.

Living apart is not uncommon.

We are doing the distance for a handful of reasons right now, but this is not uncommon among the coaching lifestyle. It is very possible that we could cross this bridge again, especially as the kids get older and are in school. If hubby gets a new job, it's normal for him to move first, feel out the new location, and find our new home. As wives, we are the magic of the transition for the kids. We tie up any loose ends and move the kids when the time is right.

We are strong women who hold down the fort.

As coach’s wives, we are aware that our career may need to be put on hold. I mean someone needs to take care of the kids. 😉 Our marriage works because we've been transparent from the start. At the simplest form, Henry's dream is to be a football coach and my dream is to be a mom. Personally, my fulfillment does not come from a job, so this lifestyle makes a lot of sense for us. I've had to celebrate holidays and birthdays without him. I've done a solo flight with three babies to meet him at a Bowl game. I mean it's not ideal, but it’s all part of the territory. As coach’s wives and moms, life goes on! We bring the kids to dad at work any chance we can and we deal with the aftermath of no naps because dad only has a short window. It’s not easy, but it’s a team effort. It is a lifestyle.

All in all, I love being a coach's wife, during the fun times and the trying ones. I’ve met the most amazing women through this profession. Like I said before, coach’s wives are a special breed. Our husbands may eat, sleep, and breathe football, AND so do we!

Football. Is. Life. & I wouldn’t want it any other way!


"I love that knot in my stomach before a big game, the getting decked out in school colors and loading up the car with way too much stuff, the screaming after an overtime win, the hugging wives around me knowing that play and that night and that season have bonded us forever. I love finding you on the field and kissing you after a win, or a loss. I love the sport, the players, the community, the staffs we've been a part of. I love that our life is an adventure that we're on together. But you know what I love most? I love how much you love it."




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