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Top 5 Inspiring Podcasts

I discovered my love for podcasts just this year! When January hit, I started brainstorming my version of a New Year’s resolution- setting my intentions and planning out how to reach my goals. A part of my plans always include modifying my habits to support my ambitions. Since this year’s focus has been all about alignment, one habit I picked up was listening to podcasts. 90% of what I listen to is about personal development and a growth mindset because I love a good dose of brain fuel! For those who don’t know, a growth mindset is placing value on the process rather than only glorifying the end result. It’s like viewing a mistake as a lesson rather than a failure, or putting more of an emphasis on intrinsic value rather than external things.

I love podcasts because they have turned into my convenient me-time. I can listen to them at nearly any point during the day and they’re perfect for multitasking. I’ll listen while making dinner, driving in the car, watching kid shows, cleaning around the house, going on a run, or even grocery shopping. Also, a majority of the podcasts are conversations, so the story telling aspect really helps me absorb the message.

If you’re already an avid podcast listener or this has sparked an interest for you, I’ve compiled my top five inspiring podcasts below. The common thread they all have is the same underlining message - how to become the best version of yourself. Yet, they all cover a variety of topics, so shop around and explore what pulls your attention.

Ed Mylett is the definition of a high achiever and a global keynote speaker on peak performance. He works with top athletes, entertainers, and business executives. Ed Mylett has a way with words and is truly gifted. His message comes straight from the heart and is framed by his faith while still giving a tough, coach type of delivery. It’s probably his deep voice, but it's effective! His podcasts always give me a good pep talk vibe. His most recent episodes are filled with fascinating entrepreneurs, but I also love his older ones. He has a collection of solo episodes from 2017-2018, where he gives shorter lessons on topics we could all benefit from, i.e. Design Your Life: MaxOut Goal Setting Strategies or My Secrets to Becoming a Better Listener.

Tom Bilyeu describes himself as a relentless agent for change and I couldn’t agree more. His delivery is blunt and honest. While he’s well informed on the topics discussed, he always brings it back to the listener at home, which makes it all extremely relatable. His mission is “to pull people out of the Matrix, at scale, by giving them an empowering mindset.” This podcast gives a unique perspective, which always leaves me questioning my life IN A GOOD WAY! What habits can I change? Where am I functioning purely on autopilot in my life? What passions am I neglecting?

Although Tom is the face of Impact Theory, you are also blessed with his wife, Lisa Bilyeu. Lisa leads by example and is simply a badass. I have to admit, I have a bit of a couple crush on these two. They are open with the struggles and strengths of their relationship. They constantly share what they’ve learned being together for 20ish years and continue to master becoming the ultimate team. So, also be sure to check out Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu.

Jay Shetty is a spiritual force, quite literally. He is a former monk whose mission is “to make wisdom go viral.” Chances are you’ve come across one of his videos on social media because they are captivating and insightful. I enjoy this podcast because his delivery is calm yet deliberate and his guests are from all walks of life. Jay brings a sense of mindfulness and overall love and respect to all topics. He exudes a light that the world needs more of today!

If you were to stumble across @theskinnyconfidential on Insta, the page would scream Barbie vibes! However, don’t let her pinked-out aesthetic mislead you. Lauren Evarts Bosstick is a hustler with depth. I love that she’s an example of an empowered businesswoman, who doesn’t downplay her passion of all the girly things. She started blogging before blogging was even a thing, so she’s quite knowledgeable on becoming a self-made entrepreneur. In addition to her cheeky self, her husband, Michael Bosstick, balances out the show with his down to earth demeanor. They both have a great sense of humor, but their personalities are different enough to provide pure entertainment. They cover a variety of topics from beauty & wellness, to entrepreneurship and everything in between. I love this podcast because they can make any topic lighthearted, which calls for a very captivating conversation.

My newest find and I'm obsessed! I've probably binged 20 episodes in the past week. #MOMTRUTHS with Cat & Nat is a true dose of realness! As a mom, do you ever feel like I must be the only one who goes through this? Well, Cat & Nat are here to tell you that you’re not. They are off-the-cuff and say what every mom is thinking, whether we want to admit it or not. They really make you feel like you’re having a conversation with your girlfriends. The amount of times I get excited because I want to chime in is hilarious to me! Cat & Nat have admitted that there is little preparation to their podcast as far as structure goes and the production value is minimal. They’ll even record an episode in the car outside one of their homes or answer a phone call from one of their kids while recording. This strategy sets them apart from any other mom podcast I’ve listened to because their authenticity shines through. They are definitely my go-to when I’m feeling that motherhood isolating feeling or I’m in need of a comedic relief!

If you don’t listen to podcasts, I highly recommend starting! As I’ve mentioned, they are so entertaining and you can listen to them almost ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. Although these five podcasts are all inspiring, they all have a different vibe and style. I tend to stick with these 5, but will go through phases on who I listen to the most. If I’m looking to draw motivation or adopt a more empowering mindset, I lean towards Impact Theory, The Ed Mylett Show, or ON Purpose. If I want more relatable content, I gravitate towards The Skinny Confidential Him & Her or #MOMTRUTHS with Cat & Nat. The best part about these five podcasts is that I either learn something new or they reinforce an uplifting thought process I already had.

Hope you give one of them a listen!



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