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Traveling with Toddlers: Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray

Doing anything with three toddlers in toe is… fun! And by fun, I mean there is never a dull moment. Then you add on the layer of traveling, keeping the kids busy and distracted is so crucial. Any time we go on road trips or fly, I try to come up with activities that the kids can do, other than just screen time. The struggle I've had in the past is organizing hands on activities while taking them on-the-go.

I’m so happy I came across Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray right before our flight to Southern California! I surprised the kids with these fun travel trays the morning of our flight and they were so excited to pack them up! They packed their tablets, headphones, notepads, crayons, stickers, snacks and water bottles. I love that each kid got a different design, but they all still matched cohesively! If you haven’t caught on yet, I love a matching moment! The backpack tray comes in four different designs - Monkey, Unicorn, Bunny, & Panda. They are ALL so cute!

So, let’s get into why the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray is my kids’ new favorite travel buddy! The activity tray folds up and is easily carried as a backpack. Both the kids and I love that they can carry it themselves. Can you say mom win?! When used as a tray, there is an extra strap that fastens around your toddler’s waist to ensure that it won’t fall off his or her lap. This is especially handy for sitting in their car seat or it even helps the tray stay up while standing. As you can see Nova used the strap around her waist, while also putting her tablet through the functional plastic window. This window keeps tablets safe while traveling, which is so important! No one wants to lose or break a tablet while traveling... mom and kids included.

The kids and I are also big fans that it has SEVEN storage pockets. My girl Mynna loves organizing so she enjoyed setting up all her goodies in each pocket. Every toy and treat has a home. There’s even a built in cup holder for her water bottle. The travel tray is designed with a cushion insert as well as a hard plastic tray in the bottom compartment to keep the tray flat. We decided to remove the cushion for this trip so that the kids could pack their blankets and stuffies. Even without the cushion, the plastic surface kept the tray flat and useful. I love how it’s a completely functional backpack as well as a travel tray. You get the best of both worlds!

All in all, the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray is both parent and kid approved! I loved seeing their faces when they discovered how many uses the travel tray had and more importantly how much it eased our full day of travel. I would highly recommend this travel tray for any type of road trip, flight, or even a park or picnic day! We can't wait to use them again soon! If you decide to give the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray a try, please use my code KATRINA15 to save!



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